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ATAG HI6271M Ingebouwd Inductiekookplaat Zwart kookplaat


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– 3700 W boost left front, 3000 W right front and right rear, 2200 W left rear
– food is heated very quickly using the turbo boost setting, available on all zones, and a unique 110% permanent capacity setting
– on/off key per zone
– touch-control operation (touch-sensitive keys)
– fast forward touch-control, for fast control of the settings
– timer (cooking alarm) per zone and a menu for automatic programmes for heating up, boiling, simmering, warming, wok cooking and griddling
– audible signal when the cooking time is completed
– pause key
– child-proof lock for extra safety
– residual heat indicator for each zone for extra safety
– very low stand-by capacity < 0.5 W, therefore economical and environmentally friendly Design
– stainless steel decorative trims
– striking two-colour zone markings

– build in depth 43 mm
– complementary set of induction pans included
– attractive in combination with hobs in the Puzzle Line series
– automatically adjusting functions for the correct temperature for real simmering and warming
– cooking timer
– automatic water boiling function
– pre-programmed griddling and wok function
– connection load 7.4 kW
– 2-phase connection

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